M*A*S*H Episode Guide

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Season One back to top
1.1: Pilot
The Swamp's Korean houseboy, Ho John, is accepted to attend school at Hawkeye's alma mater. The camp raises money to send Ho John to Maine by raffling a weekend in Tokyo with a nurse, much to the chagrin of Hot Lips and Burns. The winner? Father Mulcahy!
1.2: To Market, To Market
After the 4077th supply of hydrocortisone is hijacked by black marketeers, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with a local black marketeer (Jack Soo) to get some more. The catch: Henry's antique oak desk, which is whisked away by chopper as Henry watches in disbelief.
1.3: Requiem for a Lightweight
Trapper enters the intercamp boxing tournament to save a beautiful nurse from being transferred out by Henry, at Hot Lips' request.
1.4: Chief Surgeon Who?
Frank and Hot Lips fume when Hawkeye is named chief surgeon over Frank. They call up a general who arrives in camp only to encounter Klinger (his first appearance of the series), declare the camp nuts and Hawkeye a genius.
1.5: The Moose
Hawkeye ends up winning a Korean girl as servant from the sergeant who purchased her. The girl, unfortunately, has a hard time understanding Hawkeye when he attempts to set her free.
1.6: Yankee Doodle Doctor
The camp makes a film in response to one made about the 4077th at the request of a brigadier general.
1.7: Bananas, Crackers, and Nuts
After being denied R&R, Hawkeye fakes insanity, causing many problems for the psychiatrist sent to study him.
1.8: Cowboy
Henry refuses to let a chopper pilot go home, and the pilot feels there is no alternative but to kill Henry.
1.9: Henry, Please Come Home
Due to the great success rate of the 4077th, Henry is transferred to administrative duty in Tokyo. Hawkeye and Trapper convince Radar to fake an illness to get Henry to return.
1.10: I Hate a Mystery
Hawkeye plays detective when he becomes the chief suspect in a stealing epidemic. His sleuthful work leads him to the guilty party, none other than Ho John (who still hasn't left for Maine).
1.11: Germ Warfare
Hawkeye plays Dracula when he steals a pint of Frank's blood. When he suspects Frank of hepatitis, he works frantically (with Radar and Trapper) to keep him away from everyone, including Hot Lips.
1.12: Dear Dad
Hawkeye writes his dad, describing the antics of the 4077th--including Mulcahy convincing Klinger not to kill himself. For the finale, Hawkeye goes to the front dressed as Santa to help save a wounded soldier.
1.13: Edwina
The nurses go to extremes to find a date of Nurse Eddie (Edwina)--they won't go out with anyone until Eddie gets a date. The men draw straws, and Hawkeye is the big loser, especially after Eddie nearly kills him in a scene resembling teenage "mating" rituals.
1.14: Love Story
Radar gets a "Dear John" letter. To help cheer him up, Hawkeye and Trapper try to help him with a new nurse who's into classical literature and music.
1.15: Tuttle
Hawkeye and Trapper, with Radar's help, invent a fictitious Capt. Tuttle so that his salary can be donated to help a local orphanage. Almost caught, Hawkeye must sorrowfully tell the camp of Tuttle's fate to the whole camp--he leaped from a chopper without a parachute.
1.16: The Ringbanger
A colonel with a high casualty record is the object of the attention of Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar, who conspire send him home before he gets anyone else killed.
1.17: Sometimes You Hear the Bullet
Hawkeye is confronted with death when he is unable to save an old journalist friend who is killed on the front. The death spurs Hawkeye to send an underaged soldier home. Meanwhile, Frank throws out his back and applies for a Purple Heart.
1.18: Dear Dad, Again
Hawkeye tells his dad of the cooling romance between Frank and Hot Lips and Radar's correspondance course.
1.19: The Longjohn Flap
Hawkeye gets a pair of longjohns from home. Feeling sorry for Trapper, who has a cold, he gives him the longjohns, which pass into the hands of most of the camp before getting back in Hawkeye's hands.
1.20: The Army-Navy Game
The camp tunes in to the Army-Navy football game, only to get bombed and left with an unexploded shell in the compound. When they try to defuse the CIA bomb,it explodes - with American propaganda leaflets.
1.21: Sticky Wicket
Hawkeye and Frank argue over Frank's ability as a surgeon. When one of Hawkeye's patients starts failing, Hawkeye starts reflecting about his own abilities.
1.22: Major Fred C. Dobbs
A silly episode where Frank, who threatens transfer, is convinced to stay when hears Hawkeye and Trapper say they discovered gold. The joke's on Frank when he finds, amongst other things, a gilded jeep!
1.23: Ceasefire
The camp receives word that there's a ceasefire and erupts into celebration, only to have their hopes shattered when wounded arrive.
1.24: Showtime
An entertainer performs for the camp in the compound.

Season Two back to top
2.1: Divided We Stand
Gen. Clayton assigns a psychiatrist to examine the 4077th. Henry tells them to be on their best behavior, or else they will be split up. But the 4077th soon begins to act in their traditional, inane ways.
2.2: 5 O'Clock Charlie
An inept N. Korean pilot's bombings of (near) the camp become a spectator sport. Frank complains that the pilot should be shot down, but it isn't until Gen. Clayton's jeep is bombed until any action is taken.
2.3: Radar's Report
Hot Lips and Frank request to have Kilnger examined by a psychiatrist, Hawkeye flirts with a nurse, and all the goings on are reported to the Army in Radar's weekly report.
2.4. For the Good of the Outfit
The accidental shelling of the S. Korean village of Tai Dong gets Hawkeye and Trapper's attention. While the Army accepts no responsibility, they do plan to rebuild the village, with its own soft ice cream maker!
2.5: Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde
Hawkeye is on duty for 3 days straight, and decides to send the 4077th's latrine to N. Korea.
2.6: Kim
Trapper becomes very attached to an apparently orphaned little Korean boy named Kim, and wants to adopt him--that is, if he doesn't get blown to bits in the minefield.
2.7: L.I.P. (Local Indigenous Personnel)
Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar blackmail a lt. with a few pranks to allow Cpl. Walker to marry a local Korean girl.
2.8: The Trial of Henry Blake
Houlihan and Burns challenge Col. Blake's fitness to command, and it is up to Nurse Meg Cratty to come to the rescue.
2.9: Dear Dad...Three
A bigoted sergeant seeking the right-"colored" blood learns a lesson in prejudice from the 4077th.
2.10: The Sniper
A lone sniper has the 4077th pinned down--including Radar and Henry in the shower. The poor boy thinks he's firing on McArthur's headquarters, and a chopper finally comes by and wounds him with gunfire from above, ending the seige.
2.11: Carry On, Hawkeye
Hawkeye is the only doctor not struck down by the flu bug. Houlihan must inject him in the ass with a flu shot!
2.12: The Incubator
Hawkeye and Trapper battle the Army in their efforts to get a badly needed incubator for the 4077th.
2.13: Deal Me Out
The weekly poker game is interrupted when Radar hits the infamous Whiplash Wang with a jeep. A wounded soldier getting counseling from Sidney Freedman wants to kill Frank.
2.14: Hot Lips and Empty Arms
Maj. Houlihan decides to dump Frank and requests a transfer.
2.15: Officers Only
Hawkeye and Trapper save Gen. Mitchell's son, and they get an officer's club as a reward--well, sort of an officer's club.
2.16: Henry In Love
Henry falls in love with a former cheerleader from Ohio State University while in Tokyo. Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar try to prevent Henry from letting his marriage go up in smoke over her.
2.17: For Want of a Boot
A riotous episode in which Hawkeye will do anything to get a new pair of boots.
2.18: Operation Noselift
Hawkeye and Trapper arrange for an unauthorized nosejob for an unlisted man with a huge schnozz (Mulcahy concurs). But Hawkeye's cohort who agrees to do the job has other interests, mainly bagging a nurse.
2.19: The Chosen People
The local Koreans provide interesting scenarios for the 4077th.
2.20: As You Were
The 4077th has no wounded for several days, until they start pouring in again.
2.21: Crisis
Supply lines to the 4077th are cut. Consequently, the personnel must find ways to deal with the shortages.
2.22: George
Burns tries to slap a dishonorable discharge on a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual.
2.23: Mail Call
The arrival of a new batch of mail makes Trapper depressed and he wants to desert, despite Hawkeye's efforts otherwise. Meanwhile, Hawkeye learns he has successfully tricked Frank into buying stocks in the fictitious company, Pioneer Aviation.
2.24: A Smattering of Intelligence
Col. Flagg and another secret agent from another intelligence agency come to the 4077th to keep their eyes on one another and the camp. Hawkeye and Trapper trick them both into thinking that Burns is a traitor--one thinks he's a facist, the other thinks he's a communist.

Season Three back to top
3.1: The General Flipped At Dawn
When Major General Bartford Hamilton Steele arrives to inspect the 4077, he decides to move the unit closer to the front: an insane idea, but then the general is quite insane.
3.2: Rainbow Bridge
An unusual offer from the Chinese to swap POW patients nearly ends in disaster when a jittery Frank secretly brings a tiny gun to the meeting place.
3.3: Officer of the Day
Colonel Flagg finds himself up against the wiles of Hawkeye and Trapper after he orders them to patch up a North Korean prisoner so he'll survive until his execution.
3.4: Iron Guts Kelly
When General Iron Guts Kelly visits the 4077, his unfortunate demise on the cot in Houlihan's tent leaves his aide frantically scrambling to contrive a more heroic death.
3.5: O.R.
A hectic day in the O.R. has all the docs overworked, exhausted, and facing enormous pressure as they second-guess some of the day's countless life-and-death decisions.
3.6: Springtime
Spring is in the air as Klinger learns his sweetheart back home wants to marry him, Frank and Margaret go on a romantic picnic, and Radar falls for a nurse named Louise!
3.7: Check-Up
Trapper's ulcer appears to be his ticket home - until newly revised Army regulations from Headquarters arrive during his farewell party.
3.8: Life With Father
Father Mulcahy has his hands full trying to meet the religious needs of many different faiths and also the needs of those receiving unwanted news during mail call.
3.9: Alcoholics Unanimous
Frank, temporarily in charge of the 4077, causes a near riot when he dismantles the still in the Bachelor Officers' Tent and declares prohibition.
3.10: There Is Nothing Like a Nurse
Hawkeye and Trapper try to keep everyone's spirits up after the threat of an enemy parachute drop results in the evacuation of all the nurses.
3.11: Adam's Ribs
Fed up with a steady diet of liver and fish, Hawkeye has Radar order take-out from Adam's Rib, a rib-joint in Chicago, and has Klinger's uncle send it to the 4077.
3.12: A Full Rich Day
Henry finds himself under pressure from Headquarters to find the body of a wounded soldier who arrived at the 4077 then mysteriously disappeared.
3.13: Mad Dogs and Servicemen
While the camp conducts a search for a dog that bit Radar, Hawkeye deals with a GI who's suffering from a dangerous case of hysterical paralysis.
3.14: Private Charles Lamb
Hawkeye and Trapper work through the night to create a Spam lamb after Radar finagles a medical discharge for the lamb slated to be the main dish of a Greek feast.
3.15: Bombed
When friendly fire traps Margaret and Trapper together in the supply room, a jealous Frank finds himself blurting out the three little words Margaret has longed to hear.
3.16: Bulletin Board
A Shirley Temple movie, a sex lecture by Henry, and a cookout provide welcome, if hilarious, relief for the busy personnel of the 4077.
3.17: The Consultant
A visiting doctor who says he can save a soldier's leg by using a new artery transplant technique shows up too drunk to operate when it's time to perform the surgery.
3.18: House Arrest
Margaret says she witnessed Hawkeye taking a swing at Frank, but then quickly changes her story after catching Frank with a female colonel in her tent.
3.19: Aid Station
Hawkeye, Margaret, and Klinger gain new respect for each other after being sent to work together at an aid station at the front.
3.20: Love and Marriage
When Hawkeye and Trapper are asked to give a Korean bride-to-be a clean bill of health so she can enter the States, they uncover a marriage scam being run out of Rosie's Bar.
3.21: Big Mac
While a visit by General MacArthur has most of the camp buzzing with excitement, Klinger sees the visit as the perfect opportunity to get dressed up - and discharged!
3.22: Payday
After giving the orphanage a $3000 overpayment that was in his monthly paycheck, Hawkeye faces arrest unless he can win the money back in the 4077 monthly poker game.
3.23: White Gold
Colonel Flagg takes all the 4077's penicillin, saying he needs it to trade it to the North Koreans for information - but that's before he unexpectedly needs some for himself.
3.24: Abyssinia, Henry
While everyone is happy that Henry is being discharged and going home, Hawkeye and Trapper lament the fact that Frank will be the new commanding officer.

Season Four back to top
4.1: Welcome to Korea
Hawkeye returns from R&R to find Frank in charge and Trapper gone - his replacement, Captain BJ Hunnicutt, having arrived on the same plane that took Trapper Stateside.
4.2: Change of Command
Much to the chagrin of Frank, and the relief of everyone else, Colonel Sherman T. Potter arrives to take over command of the 4077.
4.3: It Happened One Night
An extra heavy dose of artillery fire brings the war a little too close to the hospital, knocking out the power and shaking up the tents and the doctors inside.
4.4: The Late Captain Pierce
A mix-up leaves Hawkeye's family believing he's dead, and suspended communications leave a frustrated Hawkeye with no way to let them know he's alive.
4.5: Hey, Doc
Hawkeye attempts to bribe Frank with a bottle of Scotch and an M-26 tank when one of his patients needs a third doctor's signature on his medical profile.
4.6: The Bus
Frank, Hawkeye, BJ, and Colonel Potter discover that although they may be experts at repairing a human body, a bus motor is a completely different story.
4.7: Dear Mildred
As Potter writes home to his wife on their 27th wedding anniversary, members of the 4077 scramble to come up with gifts for their commanding officer.
4.8: The Kids
In addition to handling the incoming wounded, the 4077 finds itself delivering a baby and taking care of forty-three Korean kids after their orphanage is bombed.
4.9: Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?
A psychiatrist tries to get Captain Arnold Chandler sent home after the wounded bomber pilot arrives at the 4077 claiming to be Jesus Christ.
4.10: Dear Peggy
In an attempt to keep his sanity, BJ writes home to his wife Peggy telling her about Klinger's escape attempts and Frank's incompetence in the O.R.
4.11: Of Moose and Men
While BJ tries to help a heartbroken soldier who received a "Dear John" letter, Hawkeye has a run-in with a tough Army colonel.
4.12: Soldier of the Month
Delirious with fever, Frank writes his will leaving everything to his wife except his Army uniforms - which he leaves to an outraged Hot Lips.
4.13: The Gun
When a wounded Colonel's 1884 Colt .45 comes up missing, Colonel Potter sets a trap to catch the thief - who ends up shooting himself in the toe.
4.14: Mail Call Again
When mail call brings Colonel Potter a letter full of wonderful news, Frank receives the opposite kind of letter from his angry wife.
4.15: The Price of Tomato Juice
Always anxious to please his commanding officer, Radar goes to extreme lengths to get tomato juice shipped to the 4077 for Colonel Potter.
4.16: Dear Ma
While Radar writes home to his mother about the 4077's monthly foot inspection, a North Korean raids the mess tent and Frank fears the camp will be overrun.
4.17: Der Tag
Hawkeye and BJ's decision to be nicer to Frank backfires when their invitation for drinks results in Frank passing out in an ambulance headed for the front.
4.18: Hawkeye
After overturning a Jeep and sustaining a concussion, Hawkeye takes refuge in a Korean home where he talks non-stop in order to not lose consciousness.
4.19: Some 38th Parallels
Hawkeye uses the 4077's garbage to get revenge on an Army Colonel known for sending his men into dangerous combat situations to retrieve dead bodies.
4.20: The Novocaine Mutiny
While Colonel Potter is away on leave, a power-hungry Frank has Hawkeye appear before a preliminary hearing for court-martial on charges of mutiny.
4.21: Smilin' Jack
Hawkeye and BJ try to ground a sick helicopter pilot who is determined to keep flying so he can beat another pilot's record to become Chopper Pilot of the Year.
4.22: The More I See You
Hawkeye gets the shock of his life when one of the new nurses shipped to the 4077 turns out to be his old girlfriend from med school.
4.23: Deluge
The incoming wounded just keep coming and coming on a day when supplies run low, Klinger accidentally sets the O.R. on fire, and a rainstorm blows into camp.
4.24: The Interview
When a television correspondent arrives in Korean to interview M*A*S*H units near the front line, he gets an honest earfufl from the docs of the 4077. (Filmed documentary-style in black-and-white.)

Season Five back to top
5.1: Bug Out
With the Chinese closing in, the 4077 receives orders to "bug out" and set up camp in a new location - which is unfortunately in occupied territory.
5.2: Margaret's Engagement
It's a hard day for Frank after a jubilant and radiant Margaret returns home from a medical conference in Tokyo engaged to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott.
5.3: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
While Frank bets on the outcome of a baseball game he's already heard on the radio, the outcome isn't as certain for Hawkeye after a kerosene stove explodes in his face.
5.4: Lt. Radar O'Reilly
When Radar beats Master Sergeant Randy Woodruff at a poker game, his winnings include a promotion to second lieutenant - a payoff he soon wants to just cash in!
5.5: The Nurses
Hawkeye and BJ come to a young nurse's rescue after Margaret angrily confies her to quarters just as her husband arrives in camp on an overnight pass.
5.6: The Abduction of Margaret Houlihan
While Margaret is delivering a baby in a nearby village Frank has the camp in an uproar, convinced Margaret's been abducted by a group of North Korean prisoners.
5.7: Dear Sigmund
Sidney Freedman, MD arrives at the 4077 to observe how the docs deal with the pressures of war and ends up putting his thoughts down in a letter to Sigmund Freud.
5.8: Mulcahy's War
Father Mulcahy sneaks a ride to an aid station at the front lines so he can better understand what the wounded soldiers coming into the 4077 have gone through.
5.9: The Korean Surgeon
Hawkeye and BJ are delighted to have a new doctor in camp, but there's just one little problem - he's North Korean and hence technically the enemy.
5.10: Hawkeye Get Your Gun
Potter and Hawkeye go to a local hospital to help with the casualties - something they are in danger of becoming when Hawkeye refuses to use his gun after they're ambushed.
5.11: The Colonel's Horse
When Colonel Potter goes to Tokyo on R&R his two "favorite girls" take sick: his horse, Sophie, develops colic and Margaret comes down with appendicitis.
5.12: Exorcism
A local priestess is called into camp to exorcise evil spirits when mysterious things begin to go wrong after Colonel Potter has Radar remove a Korean spirit post.
5.13: Hawk's Nightmare
Doctor Freedman is called back to the 4077 after the strain gets to Hawkeye and he begins sleepwalking, sleep talking, and having scream-filled nightmares.
5.14: The Most Unforgettable Characters
While Radar enrolls in a writer's school, Hawkeye and BJ decide to make Frank happy on his birthday by pretending to be fighting with each other.
5.15: 38 Across
Hawkeye can never finish crosswords so when he needs only one word to solve the puzzle he contacts a friend who flies into camp believing there's a medical emergency.
5.16: Ping Pong
Potter steps in when a lieutenant colonel jeopardizes the lives of his men in his personal quest to get his Combat Infantry Badge and a promotion to full colonel.
5.17: End Run
It's Radar to the rescue after a young sergeant - and All-American football player - has his leg amputated and subsequently decides life is not worth living.
5.18: Hanky Panky
BJ experiences feelings of guilt after spending the night consoling a distraught nurse who received a "Dear Jane" letter from her husband back home.
5.19: Hepatitis
The camp is plunged into a frenzy when it's discovered that Father Mulcahy has come down with an extremely infectious case of hepatitis.
5.20: The General's Practitioner
Much to his horror, Hawkeye is recruited to be a personal physician for General Korshak, while Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby.
5.21: Movie Tonight
To keep up morale, Colonel Potter decides to treat the doctors and nurses to a special movie night, but unfortunately the fragile celluloid isn't up to the task.
5.22: Souvenirs
Hawkeye and BJ decide to put a street dealer out of business after they discover that the war souvenirs he has children find for him are often booby-trapped by the enemy.
5.23: Post Op
A truckload of Turkish soldiers arrive just as the docs of the 4077 run out of the one thing they desperately need in order to save a deluge of incoming patients - blood.
5.24: Margaret's Marriage
Margaret's fiance arrives in camp to tie the knot, but after he gets a little drunk at his bachelor party Hawkeye and BJ decide they need to get him really plastered!

Season Six back to top
6.1: Fade Out, Fade In
A distraught Frank searches Tokyo for Margaret and her husband, a disastrous act that gets him sent stateside and gets Major Charles Emerson Winchester III sent to the 4077.
6.2: Fallen Idol
After Hawkeye convinces Radar to got to Seoul for a little R&R, he feels so guilty when Radar returns as a casualty that he gets too drunk to finish Radar's emergency surgery.
6.3: Last Laugh
Colonel Potter is shocked when he receives word that the Provost Marshall's office is sending a colonel to the 4077 to investigate whether BJ is really a doctor or just an imposter.
6.4: War of Nerves
Psychiatrist Doctor Sidney Freedman returns to the 4077, but this time he's a patient who found himself pinned down in a foxhole with a soldier he recommended be sent back into the action.
6.5: The Winchester Tapes
Desperate to get away from BJ and Hawkeye, Winchester tapes a letter to his influential parents back home begging them to pull a few strings and get him shipped stateside.
6.6: The Light That Failed
When the 4077 runs out of lightbulbs, BJ passes around his latest murder mystery for all to read by candlelight, while Charles makes a mistake during surgery in a darkened OR.
6.7: In Love and War
Hawkeye's resentment for a wealthy Korean woman, who asks Colonel Potter to send a doctor over to her home, changes when he realizes she's actually caring for the homeless.
6.8: Change Day
Winchester's sneaky plan to cash in big on Change Day runs into a few road blocks after BJ and Hawkeye get wind of his scheme.
6.9: Images
While Radar goes off in search of the perfect tattoo, a confrontation between Hot Lips and one of her nurses leads to greater understanding on both their parts.
6.10: The M*A*S*H Olympics
Inspired by the 1952 Olympic Games taking place in Helsinki, Colonel Potter decides the best way to get all the troops into shape is to hold their own M*A*S*H Olympics.
6.11: The Grim Reaper
Hawkeye has a run-in with Colonel Victor Bloodworth, a hardened battle commander who thinks of the men under his command as mere statistics.
6.12: Comrades In Arms, Part 1
Hawkeye and Margaret find themselves stranded behind enemy lines after they drive over to the 8063rd M*A*S*H unit only to find the whole unit has bugged out.
6.13: Comrades In Arms, Part 2
After taking refuge in an abandoned hut, Hawkeye and Margaret drink some Japanese Scotch, discuss Margaret's husband-problems, and end up seeking solace in each other's arms.
6.14: The Merchant of Korea
When BJ needs a quick $200, he borrows it from the wealthiest tenant in "The Swamp," totally unaware how much Winchester will take advantage of the debt owed him.
6.15: The Smell of Music
Fed up with Charles' French horn playing, Hawkeye and BJ give him an ultimatum: give up his playing or share a tent with two docs who refuse to take a shower.
6.16: Patient 4077
Frustrated that the Army can make a gun that can level a village from 30 miles away yet can't make a teeny tiny surgical clamp, Hawkeye and BJ turn to a local Korean jeweler.
6.17: Tea and Empathy
Father Mulcahy finds himself in a religious predicament after he recalls the confession of a corporal trafficking in stolen medical supplies which the 4077 desperately needs.
6.18: Your Hit Parade
Hit by a deluge of patients and clean out of type AB negative blood, Hawkeye and BJ are forced to turn to the only compatible donor - a very drunk bomb disposer on R&R.
6.19: What's Up, Doc?
Problems arise when Margaret thinks she's pregnant and wants a pregnancy test done - and the only rabbit available for testing is Radar's pet rabbit Fluffy.
6.20: Mail Call Three
After three weeks of no mail delivery, five sacks of mail arrive full of good news, bad news, and a stack of love letters meant for another Benjamin Pierce, but opened by this one anyway.
6.21: Temporary Duty
When a surgeon's temporary stint at the 4077 threatens to turn permanent, BJ and Charles join forces in order to get rid of their obnoxious new roommate and get Hawkeye back.
6.22: Potter's Retirement
Potter considers retiring when he's called to Seoul by General Waldo Kent and told that the troops back at the 4077 are complaining about his leadership.
6.23: Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde
Charles undergoes a sudden personality change after taking amphetamines in an effort to keep up his energy during the incredibly long operating shifts in the OR.
6.24: Major Topper
While the docs try to convince the wounded that plain sugar pills are really morphine, Corporal Boots Miller is convinced he's shooting down planes that aren't there.

Season Seven back to top
7.1: Commander Pierce
Hawkeye discovers it's no picnic to be in command of the unit after Colonel Potter goes to Seoul and leaves him in charge of the 4077.
7.2: Peace On Us
Angered that the peace talks have been going on for more than a year, Hawkeye jumps in a jeep and roars off to talk some sense into the negotiators' heads.
7.3: Lil
Radar thinks Colonel Potter has something more than friendship on his mind when he gets a little too cozy with visiting dignitary Colonel Lillian Rayburn.
7.4: Our Finest Hour, Parts 1 & 2
War correspondent Clete Roberts returns to the 4077 for an update on conditions and morale for another of his famous television talks.
7.5: The Billfold Syndrome
Psychiatrist Sidney Freedman is called back to the 4077 by Colonel Potter after a young medic from the 5th Regimental Combat Team loses his memory.
7.6: None Like It Hot
When temperatures soar over 100 degrees, Hawkeye and BJ come up with the perfect remedy - a mail-order rubber bathtub from Abercrombie & Fitch.
7.7: They Call the Wind Korea
When high winds prevent the arrival of incoming wounded, Charles decides to go to Seoul for some R&R. But his plans take an unexpected detour after Klinger volunteers to drive.
7.8: Major Ego
After reviving a dying patient by performing a heart massage, Charles makes a call to Stars & Stripes so the paper can print an article about his heroics.
7.9: Baby, It's Cold Outside
When the temperature falls to 13 degrees Farenheit, Charles becomes very unpopular after he flaunts his fully winterized polar suit in front of the freezing staff and patients.
7.10: Point of View
From being shot to being treated in post-op, the viewer sees it all through the eyes of a young soldier unable to speak but able to see everything happening around him.
7.11: Dear Comrade
Hawkeye and BJ begin to suspect that Charles' overly attentive Korean servant may have more on his mind than just attending to Charles' every desire.
7.12: Out of Gas
When the unit runs out of sodium pentothal, Father Mulcahy arranges a rendezvous with black market racketeers, but runs into a problem when he takes Charles along.
7.13: An Eye for a Tooth
Angry to be passed over for a promotion once again, Father Mulcahy boldly takes matters into his own hands with near disastrous results.
7.14: Dear Sis
Father Mulcahy sends his sister a Christmas letter bemoaning his feeling of uselessness and his desperate desire to provide more comfort for the troops.
7.15: B.J. Papa San
BJ becomes a surrogate father to an impoverished Korean family, but he spends so much time worrying about them that Hawkeye begins to worry about his friend.
7.16: Inga
The docs of the 4077 get their egos bruised when a beautiful Swedish doctor first criticizes some of their techniques then upstages them in the OR.
7.17: The Price
While Colonel Potter tries to find his missing horse, Hawkeye and BJ try to help a young Korean boy who's trying to stay missing from the Korean Army.
7.18: The Young and Restless
A hotshot medical demonstrator stationed in Tokyo has strange effects of the docs of the 4077 after he shows up to demonstrate the latest medical techniques.
7.19: Hot Lips Is Back In Town
While Radar takes advice from Hawkeye on how to deal with a cute new nurse, Margaret celebrates her divorce and her new self-confidence.
7.20: C*A*V*E
When the 4077 has to bug out to a nearby cave to avoid US artillery fire, Hawkeye is confronted with a big problem that no one knows about - his claustrophobia.
7.21: Rally Round the Flagg, Boys
Colonel Flagg returns to the 4077 after Hawkeye is accused of being a Commie sympathizer because he treated a wounded North Korean soldier before an American.
7.22: Preventative Medicine
Hawkeye practices some preventative medicine after learning that a careless Colonel's actions are responsible for the large number of casualties in the troops under his command.
7.23: A Night At Rosie's
A depressed Hawkeye heads to Rosie's Bar and spends the night hanging out with an AWOL sergeant and all the folks that Colonel Potter sends over to bring him back to camp.
7.24: Ain't Love Grand
While Klinger meets a girl who finds his bizarre attire attractive, Charles falls in love with a Korean "working girl" at Rosie's Bar.
7.25: The Party
Talk of a reunion party after the war gives BJ another idea: having the stateside family members of the 4077 get together for a party in New York City.

Season Eight back to top
8.1: Too Many Cooks
A clumsy foot soldier finds the quickest way to the crew's heart, boosting morale at the war-weary 4077th by cooking gourmet delights. Only Colonel Potter, burdened with a personal crisis, is immune from the high spirits enveloping the hospital.
8.2: Are You Now, Margaret
A Congressional aide visits the 4077th on a supposedly routine fact-finding tour, but it's discovered that his motives are far deeper.
8.3: Guerilla My Dreams
The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer is more anxious to "question" her about alleged guerilla activities.
8.4: Goodbye, Radar (Part 1)
Company clerk Radar O'Reilly, on leave in Tokyo, is desperately needed back at the crisis-stricken 4077th, but his return is delayed by outside events. While casualties continue to pour in from the front, the 4077th's generator conks out, depriving the medical unit of all electrical power. But Klinger, filling in for the vacationing Radar, lacks the expertise and experience to wheel and deal for a new machine.
8.5: Goodbye, Radar (Part 2)
As company clerk Radar O'Reilly reluctantly prepares to depart the 4077th, the unit is still without electricity due to a broken generator, and the operating room continues to fill up with war wounded as night falls. The responsibility for procuring a new generator falls on Klinger, who lacks Radar's masterful knack of cutting through red tape in search of much-needed supplies.
8.6: Period of Adjustment
Klinger, taking over as the 4077th's new clerk, wearies of complaints about his inefficiency, while B.J.'s homesickness is intensified by news of Radar's visit to his family.
8.7: Nurse Doctor
A beautiful and ambitious young nurse who plans to become a doctor when she leaves the Army finds herself in a misunderstanding with Father Mulcahy. Meanwhile, the camp's water supply is depleted, and the rest of the 4077th is more concerned about where to find a running shower.
8.8: Private Finance
A South Korean Woman misinterprets Klinger's motives when he tries to aid her daughter financially. Meanwhild, Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise made to a dying soldier.
8.9: Mr. and Mrs. Who?
Charles Winchester returns to the 4077th after a trip to Tokyo with an uncharacteristic hangover and the uneasy feeling of a romantic entanglement. Meanwhile, the hospital struggles to find a cure for an outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever.
8.10: The Yalu Brick Road
Hawkeye and B.J. lose their way while rushing urgently needed anti- biotics to the 4077th, which is wracked with food poisoning. Wandering back to M*A*S*H, the pair are found by a peculiar North Korean soldier.
8.11: Life Time
A severely wounded soldier, rushed to the poorly equipped 4077th by chopper, will die or be permanently paralyzed if he doesn't receive major surgery in 20 minutes. Nearly all of the action in this innovative episode is compressed into the program's 25-minute running time.
8.12: Dear Uncle Abdul
Klinger discovers that his duties as company clerk include catering to the eccentric whims of the 4077th officers. Consequently, the unusual demands by Klinger's superiors leave little time to write a letter home to Toledo.
8.13: Captains Outrageous
A brawl at Rosie's Bar puts Rosie in the hospital, and the 4077th doctors are pressed into service as temporary saloonkeepers. Meanwhile, Father Mulcahy is apprehensive that his long-pending promotion to captain will again be denied.
8.14: Stars and Stripes
Friction arises between B.J. and Winchester when they're asked to write a report for a prestigious medical journal on how they saved a soldier's life with a daring operation. Meanwhile, Hot Lips receives an eventful visit from Scully, her combat soldier beau.
8.15: Yessir, That's Our Baby
A baby born to a Korean woman and an American GI is abandoned at the 4077th. Knowing that mixed-blood children are often mistreated in Korean society, the troop sets about the frustrating task of finding a new home for the infant.
8.16: Bottle Fatigue
Horrified by the gigantic size of his monthly bar tab at the officer's club, Hawkeye vows to give up booze for a week. Meanwhile, Winchester desperately tries to halt his sister's impending marriage to a man he considers unworthy of the Winchester heritage.
8.17: Heal Thyself
Colonel Potter turns crotchety when he catches the mumps, and his condition is worsened when Winchester gets the same disease and has to move in with him. A temporary replacement surgeon is quickly brought into the 4077th and seems to be a gem in terms of both personality and ability.
8.18: Old Soldiers
Hawkeye is appointed temporary commander of the 4077th when Colonel Potter rushes off to Tokyo on a mysterious mission. While in command, Hawkeye's main problem is housing a large group of Korean refugees comprised mainly of rambunctious children who need medical care.
8.19: Morale Victory
Tired of their constant complaints about the quality of recreational activities at the 4077th, Colonel Potter appoints Hawkeye and B.J. as the new morale officers. Winchester's morale has already reached a new peak. He's ecstatic about his operation on a wounded soldier which saved the boy's leg, leaving only "negligible" side effects--the loss of use of his arm. However, the soldier was a concert pianist before the war, so Winchester obtains music written by Maurice Ravel for a pianist that had lost a hand in World War I.
8.20: Lend a Hand
Irritated that the 4077th is planning a "surprise" party for him, Hawkeye volunteers to go to the aid of a wounded surgeon at the front. An additional irritant to Hawkeye is the arrival of Dr. Borelli, a wisecracking medical advisor with whom he habitually disagrees.
8.21: Goodbye, Cruel World
Klinger redecorates his quarters, but the resultant ridicule he receives drives him to new heights in his efforts to get out of the Army. Meanwhile, the doctors are perplexed by the reaction of an Asian-American war hero when he's informed that he's being sent home because of his wounds, and Dr. Sidney Freedman is called in to assist.
8.22: Dreams
The 4077th can't escape the Korean War, even in its dreams. Exhausted after two days without sleep, members of the 4077th steal away for cat naps and experience dreams that reveal their fears, yearnings and frustrations.
8.23: War Co-Respondent
B.J. finds himself attracted to a famous war correspondent who has fallen in love with him.
8.24: Back Pay
Angered by the way civilian doctors stateside are profiting from the war, Hawkeye presents the Army with a bill for his medical services. Meanwhile, Charles reluctantly demonstrates American medical practices to three Korean medics.
8.25: April Fools
A no-nonsense Colonel (Pat Hingle) who is notorious as a hard- nosed disciplinarian visits the 4077th during an outbreak of April Fools' Day pranksterism. Colonel Potter tries in vain to halt the mayhem before Colonel Daniel Webster Tucker arrives in camp.

Season Nine back to top
9.1: The Best of Enemies
A North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.
9.2: Letters
Members of the 4077th share their impressions of war in response to letters from fourth graders in Hawkeye's hometown.
9.3: Cementing Relationships
A jilted Italian soldier is smitten by Margaret; and Klinger pours a cement floor in the operating room to fight the spread of germs.
9.4: Father's Day
Margaret has trouble pretending she's a chip of the old block when her dad, blood and guts "Howitzer" Al Houlihan, arrives for a visit.
9.5: Death Takes a Holiday
Christmas at the 4077th finds the surgeons struggling to keep a mortally wounded soldier alive, even if it's only through the holiday.
9.6: A War For All Seasons
On New Year's Eve, the staff looks back on the highlights of 1951: The doctors invent an artificial kidney machine; Mulcahy plants a garden; and Margaret takes up knitting.
9.7: Your Retention Please
Klinger is so depressed by news that his ex-wife plans to remarry, he reenlists for an additional six-year hitch.
9.8: Tell It To the Marines
Winchester takes command during Potter's absence; and B.J. and Hawkeye try to convince the Marines to grant a hardship discharge to an immigrant soldier.
9.9: Taking the Fifth
Hawkeye uses a bottle of vintage wine to lure unsuspecting nurses into his den; and Potter tries to secure a different sort of anesthetic when the army threatens to ban a painkiller.
9.10: Operation Friendship
Klinger saves Winchester's life when an explosion rocks the operating room; and B.J. is reluctant to reveal the extent of his injuries after the blast.
9.11: No Sweat
Margaret develops a case of prickly heat-just one of the indignities suffered by the 4077th staff during another unendurably hot night.
9.12: Depressing News
Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity; a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors.
9.13: No Laughing Matter
Hawkeye wagers that he can go a full day without a wisecrack; and Winchester finally confronts the major who exiled him to the 4077th.
9.14: Oh, How We Danced
Winchester is sent to inspect sanitary conditions on the front lines while the rest of the camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J.
9.15: Bottoms Up
One of Margaret's nurses tries to hide her severe drinking problem; and Hawkeye is scorned after a practical joke he plays on Winchester backfires.
9.16: The Red/White Blues
Colonel Potter nearly blows his stack when his well-intentioned colleagues mollycoddle him in order to lower his blood pressure before his upcoming physical.
9.17: Bless You, Hawkeye
When Hawkeye can't stop a sneezing fit that has no apparent cause, psychiatrist Sidney Freedman digs into the surgeon's past for a clue to the unusual malady.
9.18: Blood Brothers
Hawkeye is overcome by the devotion of a terminally ill GI for his critically wounded buddy.
9.19: The Foresight Saga
The 4077th is given a gift of fresh-grown vegetables by a grateful Korean; and Potter questions the veracity of an upbeat letter from Radar.
9.20: The Life You Save
After Charles is nearly felled by a sniper's bullet, he develops a philosophical obsession with death.

Season Ten back to top
10.1: That's Show Biz
A touring USO show brings an unexpected touch of vaudeville to the 4077th when the star showgirl requires an emergency operation.
10.2: Identity Crisis
Father Mulcahy counsels a GI who is plagued by guilt.
10.3: Rumor at the Top
The latest scuttlebut affects everyone's behavior when a visiting emissary is rumored to be recruiting for a new M*A*S*H unit.
10.4: Give 'Em Hell, Hawkeye
Hawkeye writes a heartfelt letter to President Harry Truman to protest the continued fighting in Korea.
10.5: Wheelers and Dealers
On the eve of a big poker game, B.J.'s pride is bruised when he finds out his wife is working as a waitress; and Potter takes driving lessons from Rizzo.
10.6: Communication Breakdown
Winchester infuriates the camp when he hoards his stateside news- papers; and Hawkeye reunites two Korean brothers who have been fighting on opposite sides of the war.
10.7: Snap Judgement
The military police think they've solved a rash of thefts at the 4077th when they apprehend Klinger with Hawkeye's stolen camera.
10.8: Snappier Judgement
B.J. and Hawkeye resolve to clear Klinger's name after he chooses Winchester to defend him at his military court-martial.
10.9: 'Twas the Day After Christmas
To boost postyuletide morale on December 26, Potter has the officers and enlisted men exchange jobs for the day.
10.10: Follies of the Living - Concerns of the Dead
In a fever dream, Klinger communicates with the spirit of a dead soldier who stays on to witness his own last rites.
10.11: The Birthday Girls
Margaret's birthday plans are spoiled when she and Klinger get stranded on a desolate roadside; and the surgeons assist in the delivery of a calf.
10.12: Blood and Guts
Hawkeye is outraged when a sensationalistic war coorespondent reports irresponsible GI stunt as tales of military valor.
10.13: A Holy Mess
An AWOL seeks sanctuary behind Father Mulcahy's robes.
10.14: The Tooth Shall Set You Free
Charles faces a tooth extraction; and the doctors suspect prejudice when an inordinate number of black casualties are brought in from a single unit.
10.15: Pressure Points
Potter sends for the army psychiatrist when he loses confidence in his surgical abilities; and Winchester loses patience with his bunkmates' sloppiness.
10.16: Where There's a Will, There's a War
Hawkeye draws up a will under heavy shelling at the front lines.
10.17: Promotion Commotion
Winchester, Pierce, and Hunnicutt find themselves in the sticky position of having to decide which enlisted men to recommend for promotion.
10.18: Heroes
Hawkeye is the golden boy of the world press when he treats a celebrity prize fighter for a stroke.
10.19: Sons and Bowlers
Hawkeye anxiously awaits word on his father's stateside operation as his cohorts engage the Marines in a bowling tournament.
10.20: Picture This
Potter's attempts to assemble the crew for a family portrait are thwarted by a feud between bunkmates Pierce, Hunnicutt, and Winchester.
10.21: That Darn Kid
Klinger's goat eats the 4077th's $22,340 payroll, leaving paymaster Hawkeye holding the bag.

Season Eleven back to top
11.1: Hey, Look Me Over
Hawkeye watched Nurse Kellye brighten a wounded GI's final moments and comes to appreciate the nurses' vital contribution to the healing process.
11.2: Trick or Treatment
The 4077th Halloween party hosts an unexpected guest after Father Mulcahy works an apparent miracle during the reading of a soldier's last rites.
11.3: Foreign Affairs
The Army tries to get a North Korean pilot to defect; and Charles gets a rude shock when he falls for a French nurse with an unacceptable past.
11.4: The Joker is Wild
Hawkeye's guard is up when B.J. threatens to pull off the most elaborate practical joke in the compound's history.
11.5: Who Knew?
Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.
11.6: Bombshells
Charles and Hawkeye start a rumor that Marylin Monroe plans to visit the 4077th; and B.J. feels responsible when he's unable to rescue a wounded soldier.
11.7: Settling Debts
Hawkeye and the crew surprise Colonel Potter with a party to commemorate Mildred's final payment on the couple's mortgage.
11.8: The Moon Is Not Blue
With the camp facing prohibition and a severe medical-supply shortage during another heat wave, Hawkeye resolves to lift morale by importing a racy new movie.
11.9: Run For the Money
When an Olympic runner assigned to the 4077th fail to materialize, Father Mulcahy must save the camp's honor in a high-stakes footrace against the 8063rd.
11.10: U.N., the Night, and the Music
A United Nations delegation tours the 4077th-a Swede, a Hindu, and a British officer-and each leaves a lasting effect on the men and women of the camp.
11.11: Strange Bedfellows
The 4077th faces a sleepless night as Charles's snoring keeps B.J. and Hawkeye from counting sheep; and Colonel Potter discovers that his son-in-law has had an affair.
11.12: Say No More
A military strategist refuses to accept responsibility for the war games that have mortally wounded his own son; and Margaret develops laryngitis.
11.13: Friends and Enemies
Colonel Potter must decide whether to blow the whistle on an old army chum whose military follies are costing boys their lives.
11.14: Give and Take
A wounded GI learns a painful lesson when he forms a recoveryroom friendship with the enemy soldier he's critically wounded.
11.15: As Time Goes By
Hawkeye and Margaret encapsulate the breadth of their wartime experience when they bury souvenirs as a reminder for future generations.
11.16: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
The members of the 4077th cope with the end of the war and leaving the unit.